Netflix Might Build a Production Hub in Toronto

Netflix Might Build a Production Hub in Toronto
Streaming giant Netflix is on a seemingly never-ending growth spurt, and that just might include a new production hub in Toronto.

According to the Canadian Press, Netflix has been eyeing the 6 for a new production facility. 

In an interview, Mayor John Tory sounded confident that it will happen. 

"I have a very high level of confidence, without betraying confidences that aren't yet concrete, that they're going to," Tory told CP in an interview at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards gala. "They've been in active discussions with our industry, with me, about wanting to create one of their hubs here."

Tory added that he first spoke with Netflix reps last March while visiting Los Angeles as part of his annual trip to discuss working in Toronto with film and television reps. 

Netflix did not comment on Tory's statements, but it had previously promised to spend $500 million in a five-year period to fund Canadian productions.