Nashville Pussy: Keep On F*kin' In Paris!

Sleazy southern rockers Nashville Pussy are captured live as they steamroll through an energetic set in Paris, France. The Georgia-based quartet are led by vocalist/guitarist Blaine Cartwright, a comically trashy bag of gas who can authentically scream his way through songs such as "Gonna Hitchhike Down To Cincinnati And Kick The Sh!T Outta Your Drunk Daddy," "The Bitch Just Kicked Me Out," and "You Give Drugs a Bad Name." Yes indeedy, debauchery is the order of the day for Nashville Pussy, and their Parisian audience can't get enough of it. Though Cartwright is ostensibly the band's mouthpiece, the group's core of energy actually stems from either side of the drug-obsessed cowboy. With her flowing locks and lean frame, bassist Katie Lynn Campbell is the ultimate rock goddess, striking poses and staring coolly at the mostly male congregation of classic rock T-shirts at the lip of the stage. Guitarist Ruyter Suys struts maniacally towards her husband Cartwright throughout the set, augmenting his rhythm guitar with amazing leads and leaning into him like an uncaged cat in heat. By the show's mid-point Suys' shirt is gone, which later prompts her husband to pour beer over her leopard skin bra-clad breasts before she fellates the bottle during a guitar solo. After treating the crowd to a rendition of AC/DC's "Shot Down in Flames" and their own "Go Mother F*cker Go," Nashville Pussy end the night with a bang and a half-naked Suys gyrating on the ground. For fans it's a fun package, with some songs containing a "sing along" option enabling them to scream along to some of the oddest one-dimensional southern-fried rock around. Plus: music video, photo slide show. (MVD,