My Awkward Sexual Adventure Sean Garrity

My Awkward Sexual Adventure Sean Garrity
Something consistent throughout the lexicon of singular, exceedingly broad and banal male comedies is the bizarre dismissal and vilification of women. Men are often portrayed as well-intentioned victims of irrational female behaviour, controlled by shrill, one-note ciphers whose murky motivations are never acknowledged or even considered.

This is likely why these solipsistic boy comedies are so dreadfully redundant and repetitive, being created by the sort of unknowingly megalomaniacal and emotionally simple men that perceive any difference in behaviour or worldview as "crazy."

Such is the case with Sean Garrity's routine sex comedy, My Awkward Sexual Adventure, wherein Winnipeg accountant Jordan Abrams (Jonas Chernick) is dumped by girlfriend Rachel (Sarah Rachel) for being boring in bed.

No consideration is given to the possibility that her coital dissatisfaction might merely be a symbol of other relationship disappointments — his diffident nature, bland personality and limited intellect — rather, her critique is interpreted literally, setting him off on his titular sexual adventure.

And while Jordan is in Toronto getting drunk with strippers and sleeping on the couch of another unrealistically written female — Julia (Emily Hampshire), a kind-hearted stripper with a penchant for gourmet cooking — Rachel stays at home having orgies and sleeping with every possible stranger she can, since obviously her sexual disappointments mean she's a giant whore.

But this is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. The priority here is ensuring that Jordan learns how to performs cunnilingus so he can satisfy women superficially, since personal growth or development are irrelevant in this universe.

This is where Julia steps in, giving him lessons on a cantaloupe and criticizing his technique when a chunk falls to the floor. She also teaches him the beauty of withholding orgasm with a sensual masseuse — something that inevitably leads to hilarious mistaken rape accusations — and gives him the opportunity to rescue her from creditors, with his Jewish penchant for nickel and diming her financial obligations.

It's all incredibly racist and misogynist, but is too excessively ignorant to have any real sense of this. The compounding, but surprisingly tame sexual shenanigans provide TV sitcom level laughs, which is at least something amidst the array of recycled gags and antiquated gender standards.

If anything, it's somewhat surprising that there wasn't a scene of someone having diarrhoea in a locale without any toilet paper. That would have been uproarious! (Phase 4)