Mike Leigh to Take on Peterloo Massacre in 'Mr. Turner' Follow-Up

Mike Leigh to Take on Peterloo Massacre in 'Mr. Turner' Follow-Up
Long-running British auteur Mike Leigh recently had his most commercially successful film yet with his 19th century painter biopic Mr. Turner. Whether or not he was inspired by that film's success, Leigh has announced that he's sticking with historical period pieces for his next work.

In an interview with Screen Daily, Leigh revealed that his next film will cover the Peterloo Massacre of 1819, which saw the British government face a protest of over 60,000 people regarding parliamentary representation. In the event, hundreds were injured and 15 people were killed. The film will simply be called Peterloo.

"There has never been a feature film about the Peterloo Massacre," he said. "Apart from the universal political significance of this historic event, the story has a particular personal resonance for me, as a native of Manchester and Salford."

The film will see Leigh re-team with Mr. Turner's executive producer Gail Egan as well as his ongoing producer Georgina Lowe. Also from Mr. Turner, Helen Grearson will serve as associate producer and Dick Pope will return as cinematographer.

Thanks to the success of Mr. Turner, Leigh has been given his biggest budget yet from Film4. Peterloo will begin shooting in 2017.