Michael Mann Launches Book Imprint, Plots 'Heat' Prequel

Michael Mann Launches Book Imprint, Plots 'Heat' Prequel
Renowned writer-director Michael Mann has amassed a seriously impressive filmography over the years, and up next he'll get into the world of books with a newly launched imprint.

As Deadline reports, Mann has just launched a new company simply called Michael Mann Books. The publishing company will develop a series of titles, all of which will eventually be considered for film or adaptations.

Most importantly, the company is reportedly developing a prequel novel to Mann's seminal Heat. The novel will look at the formative years of the film's main characters, and one can only assume it'll be turned into a movie down the line.

Mann is expected to hire a core group of authors to write for his publishing company, and he will likely share the cover credit on some titles.

Stay tuned for more information on Michael Mann Books as it becomes available.