Mallrats: Tenth Anniversary Extended Edition Kevin Smith

Unappreciated during its unbelievably short theatrical run ten years ago, Mallrats is the oft-maligned sophomoric comedy that many feel is the weakest link in Kevin Smith's otherwise inspired "Jersey Trilogy." Fortunately, time and home video sales have led to a more widespread understanding and enjoyment of Smith's second film, and first for a major studio. In it, the slacker duo of T.S. and Brodie (Jeremy London and Jason Lee, respectively) spend an hour-and-a-half at the local mall not doing much of anything while trying to win back their respective girlfriends. The film's bland setting functions as the perfect blank slate for Smith's trademark dialogue in much the same way the Quick Stop did in Clerks. The extended version included on this disc, along with the original theatrical version, simply drives this point home. By adding almost a complete half-hour of extra footage, Smith has released a slightly more flawed film, as he admits openly on several of the DVDs extras. However, seeing the footage in context, and not just as part of some "deleted scenes" special feature, is immensely worthwhile, giving some insight into what the original two-hour-plus cut Smith put forth initially must have been like. Also, you get to see Ben Affleck get sodomised. The other extras here are just as juicy as Smith fans have come to expect, with the trademark humour of the writer/director permeating every feature. From the hilarious commentary featuring Smith, Affleck, Lee, Jason Mewes and others, to the reunion of many of the original cast and crew, there is plenty here to sink your teeth into. The later might even function as a worthwhile purchase on its own, given that it is about as funny as much of An Evening With Kevin Smith. Plus: cast interviews from the original set, Kevin Smith Q&A, outtakes, View Askew's "Look Back At Mallrats," "making of," more. (Universal)