'Little Shop of Horrors' Is Getting a Reboot

'Little Shop of Horrors' Is Getting a Reboot
Movie execs apparently found something else to reboot while scraping the very bottom of the barrel. Little Shop of Horrors, the campy 1960 sci-fi flick turned 1983 Frank Oz musical, will soon be the next idea getting repackaged for the masses.

According to Deadline, a reboot of the film is on the way and, like the '80s Rick Moranis version, it will be another musical.

The new version is set to be directed by Greg Berlanti, whose last film was the 2010 Josh Duhamel/Katherine Heigl comedy Life As We Know It. More recently, Berlanti has been busy producing the television series SupergirlBlindspotThe FlashArrowLeagues of Tomorrow and Riverdale.

The film will be written by Matthew Robinson, who wrote and co-directed Ricky Gervais' film The Invention of Lying.

Stay tuned for more information on this project as it becomes available.