Kidrobot Toy Movie Finally Confirmed

Kidrobot Toy Movie Finally Confirmed
They've long been the staple of streetwear clothing stores, sneaker freaks' bedrooms and hip adults' trophy cases, but the highly collectable Kidrobot toys have yet to make it to the big screen. Now, finally, the Munny, Dunny and Phunny characters are getting their own movie.

A Kidrobot movie has been in development as far back as 2008, with news emerging that MGM was taking over its production last year.

Now, finally, more news has emerged about the film. As Variety reports, it'll be directed by Robert Rugan, based on a script from Matt Ember and Tom Astle (HomeEpic). The film is being produced by Scott Averson (The Last Airbender).

A relative newcomer to feature films, Rugan is coming in from the world of commercials.

Sources tell Variety that the Kidrobot film will not be fully animated. Instead, it'll be live-action with, presumably, animated Kidrobot toys running around. Considering the amount of high-profile collaborations the company has done over the years, we won't be surprised if the film has some decent cameos.

Stay tuned for more on the movie as it becomes available.