Kathy Griffin: She'll Cut a Bitch Paul Miller

Kathy Griffin: She'll Cut a BitchPaul Miller
Most men really dislike Kathy Griffin; she's loud, opinionated, amused by the cracking of social order and would probably rip any guy a new one that tried to "put her in her place." This little factoid isn't lost on Griffin, who takes a moment in her stand-up routine to give a shout out to her gays, briefly advising all the straight men dragged to the show by their wives that they should go back to napping. Here, the My Life on the D-List star delivers more of her irreverent, pee-your-pants funny anecdotes about backstage awards show antics, embarrassing herself in front of other celebrities and living with her food-hording, alcoholic mother. She starts things out by calling bullshit on the Jonas Brothers and their purity promise rings, quickly transitioning to her meeting with Cher, as arranged by Rosie O'Donnell. Anyone familiar with Ms. Griffin's stand-up material — which involves Ryan Seacrest having big, gay panic attacks, losing toilet paper wedged in her ass crack to soak up sweat during a meeting with Kelsey Grammar and saying wildly inappropriate things to the Hanson brothers — knows that anytime she launches into a detailed account of a celebrity meeting, it won't end well. Strangely enough, her meeting with Cher was relatively drama free, as her routine is mostly complimentary of all involved this time around, aside from some comments about Marcia Cross's forehead and Teri Hatcher's sudden Korean transformation. It's still extremely amusing, however, especially when she describes sitting next to Tracey Morgan at the Emmy's and getting the church-giggles while Tracey goes on one of his trademark rants. While Oprah gives a serious opening Emmy speech, Tracey cracks jokes about the book-hocking queen of daytime, mentioning how upset he was to learn that Ernest Borgnine was his real father. The DVD includes a handful of deleted scenes, including a text message to Sarah Silverman and some discussion about the inadvertent comedy genius of Sarah Palin. Now, all we need is Kathy Griffin to get her own nighttime talk show, with a supplemental morning after show where she tells us all what really happened the night before. (Shout! Factory)