Kaiju Big Battel - Terebi Sento

According to urbandictionary.com, kaiju ("kiay-jew") means: "A type of, or relating to, a type of creature exceedingly common in Japan. Usually over 200 feet tall, they are known to frequently wander into cities and cause massive real estate damage. They simply won't leave Japanese cities alone, though they also have been seen in New York, Seoul, London and Copenhagen before." Actually, these giant city crushing monsters come straight outta Massachusetts, though they've been taking over America's Eastern Seaboard "battel" by "battel." Started by some Boston art-school students (including an associate of Kevin Smith's View Askew productions), these surprisingly spry rubber-suited wrestlers take out their galactic fury on each other in front of rowdy crowds. Witness the three-way between the swarthy good guy Dusto Bunny, overconfident patriot American Beetle and the devious alien Mung Wun; be shocked by the "classic culinary confrontation" between the meat-cleaver-swinging Kung Fu Chicken Noodle and the Club Sandwich (sporting a wooden club); and cheer on tag-team Los Plantanos as they tackle the dreaded Team Space Bug. Viewers are helped along by the sports commentary interludes of announcer Louden Noxious, Referee Jingi, and screeching heel-turned-colour commentator Dino Kang Jr. (think an even stranger Jesse "the Body" Ventura). Though Kaiju has been selling out shows since 1996 — and this show was actually filmed two years back at "Mayhem in the Atrium V" — Terebi Sento is their first DVD. It catches up with the heroes as they try to defeat their arch-nemeses, led by the uber-evil scientist Dr. Cube (a dude with a box for a head who has his own intercine conflict with head space bug Uchu Chu). The complicated back story — involving a world domination plot that can only be settled in the squared circle — is a little hard to follow, and sorta besides the point anyway, but just imagine what kind of melodramatic monster mayhem led to an actual birth on stage! This is one of the weirder things you will ever see. Plus: Kaiju commercials, Piebald music video, character bios, live event trailers and a "what is Kaiju?" teaching aid. (Redline/Lumberjack)