Joe Lycett Legally Changed His Name to Hugo Boss

The move by the U.K. comedian comes in protest against the fashion giant
Joe Lycett Legally Changed His Name to Hugo Boss
British comedian and consumer affairs vigilante Joe Lycett is taking on German fashion giant Hugo Boss, legally changing his name to Hugo Boss, believe it or not.

The rather intense — and hilarious — move comes in response to the company's practice of sending out cease-and-desist letters to small businesses and charities who use the word "boss" in their names. The fashion company often stylizes itself as simply "Boss" — something that has led the company to its protective and aggressive tactics.

"It's clear that Hugo Boss hates people using their name," Lycett tweeted on Sunday (March 1). "Unfortunately for them this week I legally changed my name by deed poll and I am now officially known as Hugo Boss."

The comedian formerly known as Joe Lycett — and now Hugo Boss — even added some photographic evidence of his name change. The announcement soon led to a wave of international attention. On Monday, Lycett Boss doubled down, giving us a tons of facts about Hugo Boss, including "Hugo Boss has a smelly bum bum."
The whole thing isn't going to end there either, as Hugo Boss promises this will all appear on the second series of the comedian's brilliant consumer affairs show Joe Lycett's Got Your Back

As of press time, Hugo Boss has not responded to the protest. It's also unclear is Series 2 of the show will also be getting a name change to Hugo Boss's Got Your Back.