Jenna Elfman's Reddit AMA Fell Apart Because Everyone Asked Her About Scientology

The actress was attempting to promote her critically reviled new show 'Imaginary Mary'
Jenna Elfman's Reddit AMA Fell Apart Because Everyone Asked Her About Scientology
Jenna Elfman, image via Church of Scientology
For certain celebrities, Reddit AMAs can be illuminating and titillating conversations that reveal fascinating factoids. But if you're, say, a member of the controversial Church of Scientology, an unmoderated free-for-all discussion is probably not the best PR move.

That's a lesson Jenna Elfman learned the hard way. The actress signed onto Reddit to promote her critically reviled new sitcom Imaginary Mary, which sees her star alongside an animated furry tumour. Rather than discuss what it's like to make a mediocre sitcom in 2017, however, the Reddit AMA community blasted Elfman for her Scientology membership.

The entire thread is a treasure trove of wiseass Scientology questions, and it's really worth reading in full. However, we've listed some of our favourite questions:

• When you are on vacation do you visit volcanoes or are you too scared to be close to the thetans?
• can you blink twice if they are watching you?
• How long have David Miscavige and Tom Cruise been dating?
• What level Scientologist are you?
• How do you feel about Scientology's practice of disconnection? And do you know where Shelly Miscavige is? Are you comfortable with all cults, or just Scientology?
• Would you let your kids join the Sea Org if they wanted to?
• Why are you letting your handlers choose which questions you answer? Isn't Scientology supposed to give you the ability to confront these types of things?
• What is your opinion of Leah Remini speaking out about yourself and others involved with Scientology?
• I can't get my thetans as white as I want them, am I using the wrong bleach?
• Hi Jenna, do you feel any empathy towards the many people's lives and families that have been destroyed by Scientology? Are you aware of the emotional, psychical and mental abuse that your cult inflicts on people? Thanks
• How many people did your cult pay to start new reddit accounts in order to post questions on this thread that you wanted to answer? And how stupid do you think we are?

That's really just scratching the surface. Naturally, nearly every question in the entire AMA went unanswered. Read the whole beautiful mess here.