Jeffrey Tambor Says He'll "Go to Work" on 'Arrested Development' in January

Jeffrey Tambor Says He'll 'Go to Work' on 'Arrested Development' in January
It's been more than three years since Netflix brought back Arrested Development for a fourth season, and fans have been teased with info of a fifth periodically ever since. Most recently, we heard the show was "very close" to getting a fifth season. Now, Jeffrey Tambor has seemingly confirmed its arrival.

While appearing on the TODAY Show to discuss his Emmy-winning turn in Transparent, Tambor also dropped a small tidbit about the show's arrival.

Unfortunately, the news was clouded by an unfunny bit with one of TODAY's producers. Regardless, Tambor still gave us some news about the show.

"There's always chatter," he said of Arrested Development's fifth season. It's not just chatter, though — it looks like there might be something of a timeline now as he added, "My marching orders are to go to work [in] January."

With that in mind, there's a good chance that Arrested Development will be ready for our binge-viewing at some point in 2017. Watch Tambor discuss the show's return at the 4:05 mark below.