Jared Leto to Play Andy Warhol in Biopic

Jared Leto to Play Andy Warhol in Biopic
As the wise Andy Warhol once said, everyone eventually gets 15 minutes of fame. Funnily enough, that's the exact amount of time that Jared Leto's Joker appeared onscreen in David Ayer's abysmal Suicide Squad. Perhaps in an effort to delve further into Warhol's prophetic mind, Leto will now portray the art-world icon in a new film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Leto is set to take on the pop art legend in a new biopic simply titled Warhol.

The film is being produced with Michael De Luca (The Social Network) and written by Terence Winter (Boardwalk EmpireThe Wolf of Wall Street). 

While the plot points aren't entirely clear, the filmmakers are using the 1989 book Warhol: The Biography as a jumping off point for the flick.

Stay tuned for more on Warhol as it becomes available.