James Cromwell's Ringtone Is Himself Saying "That'll Do, Pig" in 'Babe'

James Cromwell's Ringtone Is Himself Saying "That'll Do, Pig" in 'Babe'
Veteran actor James Cromwell is just about as badass as they come. He's been arrested multiple times over the decades thanks to his environmental activism and civil disobedience, and one has to wonder what keeps him comforted. The answer, it seems, is in his own voice.

Cromwell is the subject of a new profile in The New Yorker, where he discusses his long history of politically charged unrest. At one point, the actor reveals that he's got a special (and undeniably calming) ringtone on his cellphone — a recording of himself delivering the iconic line "That'll do, pig" in the 1995 classic Babe.

Elsewhere in the piece, the 77-year-old actor explained that he's never scared of going back to prison when he's arrested for his activism. "One of the questions people ask you when you go in is 'Are you anxious about being raped?'" he recalled. "I said, 'Not unless they're a whole lot hornier than I think they are.'"

Cromwell also opened up about his role in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, where he plays a scientist who warns against the dangers of the fossil fuel industry. "When they see it at the studio, they can say, 'He can't say that!' It'll be gone like that," he said. "And then my character will really serve no purpose at all."

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