Jackass the Movie: Unrated Jeff Tremaine

Although Johnny Knoxville has gone on to break into Hollywood (although in an unfulfilling manner), Steve-O and Chris Pontius have become successful Wild Boyz, and Bam Margera has whored himself out via Viva La Bam and Right Guard ads, in a way it feels like Jackass never left, despite the show being off the air for four years now. The making and anticipation of Jackass: Number Two only proves how entertaining these guys remain, which brings us to this nice reflection upon the film that made them stars. In all of its hilarity, Jackass: the Movie is presented again in an uncut format, including a whopping four minutes of unseen footage. It’s the perfect example of gonzo filmmaking, where everyone on screen is a potential victim, assailant or accessory to some kind of depraved act or reckless stunt. Needless to say, good taste is not welcome. Like the "Special Collector’s Edition,” all of the original features are included: the unrestrained cast group commentary, the "making of” featurette and the additional footage, which presents two of the finest moments ever — Knoxville’s "Pocket Ass Return” and the legendary "Mustard Assault” on Rake Yohn. Essentially, the only bonus is the "Too Hot for MTV Additional Footage,” which depending on your loyalty, may not be hot enough to warrant a purchase this second time around. There are only eight minutes but within that brief period is perhaps one of the most disgusting moments the crew has ever shot. I won’t ruin it for you, but it involves Dave England and a concoction dubbed "The Vomelet.” And yes, it’s even nastier than the sickest mind could imagine. Also caught on camera is evidence of Steve-O getting that hideous heart branded onto his chest, two separate "poops” and a rather funny stunt called "Body Bag Dump,” where Ryan Dunn is made up to look beaten within an inch of his life and then discarded into a dumpster where the public, as always, believes what they see and react accordingly. Ha ha. (Paramount)