Jackass 2.5 Jeff Tremaine

Despite an attempt to market itself as another in the series, Jackass 2.5 doesn’t get proper sequel billing for a reason. Though 2.5 features essentially the same format as the previous Jackass movies — numerous clips strung together without a narrative — it lacks fluidity, a satisfactory running time (it’s only an hour in length) and feels like an assortment of Jackass 2’s rejected ideas. Nevertheless, it’s still Jackass, and the ballsy inanity doesn’t stop: Dave England and "Danger” Ehren McGhehey square off in a "Dizzy Boxing” match (spun in office chairs, they then exchange blows); Bam flies a kite attached to anal beads sticking out of his butt; Johnny Knoxville is unwillingly subjected to a sketchy prostate exam on a trip to Russia; and the boys try to view a fart by forcing air up Preston Lacy’s butt and dousing his rear with baby powder. (In case you’re wondering, they succeed.) Some of the bonus segments could have easily been added to the feature, considering that’s all the film is: extra footage. We get to see Wee Man’s straw hat eaten by a horse; Bam making Brandon Novak a "Human Raccoon” by giving him two voluntary black eyes; and there’s a look back at Bam’s hilarious "worst day” on set. But the film’s two best moments occur in the bonus bits: an editor volunteers for a "Naircut,” where they spread a bottle of Nair all over his head and, presto, it removes all of his hair!; and a behind the scenes look at Jackass 2’s piece de resistance (Ehren’s pube-bearded terrorist prank) takes us further into the prank, revealing it was monitored aggressively by the FBI. Also included is the "making of” the Jackass videogame, which finds them "capturing the motion of the motion capture” in performance capture suits, and making asses out of themselves for the sake of the gamers out there. Plus: "making of” featurette. (Paramount)