Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer John Knautz

Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer John Knautz
  Horror/comedy is one of the more difficult genres to successfully produce, requiring that humour and the horror co-exist without detracting from one another. Often horror/comedy gets bogged down in its own blood-soaked gags and over-the-top scenarios, but Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer maintains the difficult balancing act and successfully creates 85 minutes of simple, escapist storytelling that will entertain fans of the genre.

  This low budget film has the feel of a sluggish Evil Dead, with a slow build-up to the inevitable monster invasion, which is made enjoyable by the performance of Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) as a night school teacher possessed by an ancient evil, bringing style and character to what is essentially a generic monster movie role.

  After witnessing the murder of his family as a child, Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews) grows up with severe anger management problems. Unable to control his violent outbursts, Jack enlists the help of a psychiatrist (Daniel Cash) and works hard to bring his emotions under control. But when an ancient demon possesses his night school teacher (Robert Englund), Jack channels his rage towards defeating the evil creatures that are invading his school.

  The plot of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is about as imaginative as the title, but the filmmakers are self-aware enough to work within their boundaries and craft a film that makes the best out of the resources available.

  This isn’t big screen, big budget entertainment for the masses but if you like movies like Slither and Evil Dead, you’ll find some entertainment in Jack’s adventure. (Kinosmith)