Iron Sky Timo Vuorensola

Iron Sky Timo Vuorensola
Quite possibly the only thing more redundant in the current cinematic lexicon than genre variations on Nazi ideology and camp representation is the endless reiterations of American greed and ignorance exacerbated by global totalitarianism.

The shock value of such ubiquitous, albeit adolescent, at this stage, tactics has dulled, leaving only a niche, outspoken demographic of single, young, white men to appreciate the gauche histrionics of a movie like Iron Sky, which can be defined easily by the tagline "Moon Nazis."

As suggested, the premise stems from the notion that the Nazis established a base on the Moon back in 1945, with a plan to return to Earth and take over in 2018. Set up with an abundance of covetable and profitable helium-3 ― something the Americans would love to get their hands on ― their plans are interrupted when an American space mission leaves James Washington (Christopher Kirby), a black man, in the midst of their ideologically fuzzy Nazi shenanigans.

Despite preaching politics with maximum sanctimony, going so far as to juxtapose a Sarah Palin-esque U.S. presidential candidate back on Earth with the technologically ignorant Moon Nazis, this Finnish genre comedy fancies itself carefree and irreverent.

By deliberately setting up campy exchanges and groan-inducing action sequences, wherein James actually manages to pull himself out of the vacuum of space while saving the open-minded, comely cultural studies Nazi, Renate (Julia Dietze), Iron Sky attempts to evade criticism by claiming not to take itself seriously.

And the mishmash of melodramatic acting and inappropriate gags about bleaching the skin of James Washington, along with the fact that the lead Nazi scientist resembles Albert Einstein ― a Jew ― does help present the notion that this is just fun irreverence for those that enjoy old school exploitation films.

However, it is ultimately misleading since there's a very smug sense of superiority and criticism that wags its finger at the American ideologue without the self-awareness to realize that this sort of B.S. nostalgia is actually a shining emblem of the very thing they're attempting to slam. (eOne)