​IKEA Offers Instructions to Make DIY 'Game of Thrones' Capes

Finally, some IKEA instructions we can understand
​IKEA Offers Instructions to Make DIY 'Game of Thrones' Capes
Last year, Game of Thrones head costumer designer Michele Clapton revealed that she obtained many of the furry pieces worn on the show from an unexpected source — IKEA. Now, the Swedish retail giant has had a bit of fun with the wardrobe secret and shared their own instructions for DIY fur capes.
Speaking at a 2016 event at L.A.'s Getty Museum, Clapton admitted that many of the capes worn by the Night's Watch on Game of Thrones are just transformed SKOLD rugs from IKEA. And while the sheepskin rugs go through a fairly involved process before appearing on the show, IKEA has offered up a simpler alternative.
The chain suggests merely cutting a head-sized hole in the rug, then a slit from the hole to the outer edge and — voila! Wrap that baby around your shoulders and channel your inner Jon Snow. No Allen keys necessary.
Check out IKEA's clever diagram below, followed Clapton's explanation of her slightly more advanced technique.

Season 7 of Game of Thrones is currently airing on HBO.