I Wanna Be Adored

I Wanna Be Adored
People will often go to great lengths to gain attention or affection from others. Whether it’s through force, delusion, public validation or liquor, these shorts investigate to what lengths people will go to in order to attain and hold onto the things they most desire. They range from intriguing to annoying to forgettable in this eclectic program filled with wooden women, animated vaginas, European versions of American Idol and a somewhat uncomfortable audition.

Starting out the program is Little Minx Exquisite Corpse: Cara, a short film about a unique looking girl auditioning for a television pilot. Feeling threatened by her typically blonde and beautiful competition, she decides to change her tactics and deliver a very different audition than the casting agents were expecting. Well acted and featuring some amusing satirical industry observations, Little Minx is a great watch.

Variations Sur Marilou literally had to be re-watched after the fact, as it was entirely forgotten, which implies the quality of it, while the next short, Zi’Tek, can unfortunately not be forgotten. Zi’Tek is a short documentary about a man who collects and obsesses over wooden sculptures of women. It’s simultaneously boring and creepy, and seems like something Ulrich Seidl would direct.

When on the search for frizzy bangs, disco dance videotapes and top loading VCRs, one need look no further than Pal/Secam, a Russian film about a horny teenager who inadvertently hosts a porn party in his living room while his mom is out of town. From film stock to editing techniques to dialogue choices, this is Eastern European filmmaking through and through.

Son is a British short about a young boy who observes his mother’s damaged relationship while on a film set. Neither affecting nor particularly interesting, only the final shot marks any sort of inspiration. It is, however, far superior to A Letter to Colleen, a pretentious and abrasive animated short that sullies the good music of Kim Deal and Frank Black. Don’t women only shave their heads and go nuts in haunted frat houses?

Finishing off the program is Getting Out, a Danish short about a small town rooting for the success of a local teen who can be seen on the Danish version of American Idol. Technical issues abound but the solid performances and a scene of a Danish Idol-wannabe humping the floor while singing "I want it that way” make it worthy of a viewing.