I Heart Huckabees David O. Russell

Attempting to explain the premise of I Heart Huckabees is a useless idea. Firstly, it is nearly impossible to do so in review context and it might turn potential viewers away. See, David O. Russell's ode to existentialism might play like a light comedy, but in actuality it is one of the more complex comedies ever made. To thoroughly enjoy this unique experience, one should go in with little preconceived notions of its content and a very open mind. What Russell (Three Kings) attempts might be seen as a little too ambitious and/or pretentious for its own good, but if the viewer tries not to expect a masterpiece, what results is an experience that is thought-provoking, entertaining and often hilarious. And it's also worthy of multiple viewings, each one bringing new layers of Russell's vision to the surface. Though it may be Russell's "vision" that allows them to work with material they are rarely given, the team of actors in I Heart Huckabees certainly deserve credit. Specifically, Mark Wahlberg, who manages to rise above his more accomplished co-actors and steal every scene he is in. Veterans Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin pull off ridiculous characters (they are existential detectives) and make them both realistic and hysterically funny. And Jude Law and Naomi Watts poke fun at their own remarkable physical beauty, which brings a new level of respect to both their budding careers (and speaking of poking fun at themselves and new-found respect, this film does wonders for Shania Twain, seriously). The DVD offers two separate commentaries, one with just Russell and one where he is joined by Wahlberg, Watts and Jason Schwartzman. It is the perfect method for the film's second viewing and their entertaining banter helps explain some of the film's initial confusion. I Heart Huckabees is a truly imaginative film, and while its finished product is arguably flawed, one cannot help but feel respect for the attempt, even if you end up a little confused as to why. (Fox)