Hop Dominique Standaert

Hop is a fairy tale of sorts about Justin (a convincing Kolomba Mbuyi) and his dad, two illegals from Burundi now living in Belgium who become fugitives after Justin steals his grouchy neighbour's TV feed to watch a soccer match. Dad is busted and Justin is on the run. He falls into the hands of a semi-retired anarchist in the countryside. This unlikely couple embarks on a crusade to reunite Justin with his father by planning dynamite attacks around the country. Beautifully shot on digital video and transferred to scintillating black-and-white, Hop is a family film that is gentle and warm despite its quasi-terrorist storyline. However, the movie is an oversimplified "us versus them" parable that is pleasant to watch but doesn't leave much of an impression later. (Mongrel Media)