Holy Shit: This Upcoming Christian Movie Is Filled with Foul Curse Words

'Generational Sins' will include the words "ass," "dick," "bitch," "shit" and even "fuck"
Holy Shit: This Upcoming Christian Movie Is Filled with Foul Curse Words
From God's Not Dead to the poorly titled God's Not Dead 2 (and let's not forget Praise Band: The Movie), Christian movies have become a massive market for North American audiences seeking a sprinkle of spirituality on their popcorn. As the genre grows, however, a potentially rebellious group have entered the fray — there's a new Christian movie on the way that's full of foul curse words.

The movie is called Generational Sins, and according to The Hollywood Reporter it's packed with words that'd make any Sunday school teacher blush. Throughout the film, characters use the terms "ass," "dick," "bitch," "shit" and even "fuck."

Apparently the film features 32 uses of swears, and it goes further by utilizing gay slurs in its story. As such, it could possibly be considered offensive to conservative Christian audiences and the LGBTQ community.

Directed by Spencer T. Folmar and written by Folmar, Dax Spanogle, Jason Spanogle, Casey Salviano and Fernando Salviano, Generational Sins is about child abuse, alcoholism and, of course, redemption.

While Christian film reviewers are not too keen on the film's profanities, producer Thurman Mason says he's tired of the squeaky clean nature of faith-based films. "We're not shying away from anything," he said. "We live in an R-rated world, and covering up the darkness won't bring it into the light. There is objective, gospel truth in this movie. Hollywood stereotypes Christians as nutty fruitcakes detached from reality, but that's not the case and, as Christian filmmakers, we'd like to demonstrate that."

Watch the trailer for Generational Sins below.