​Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Cameo on 'Murphy Brown' Reboot

​Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Cameo on 'Murphy Brown' Reboot
Murphy Brown returned to the air last night (September 27) for the first time in 20 years. Candace Bergen reprised the titular role for the debut episode of the rebooted show, but Hillary Clinton also made an unannounced appearance on the season premiere.
On the show, Clinton played a doppelganger of the former presidential candidate, spelling her name with one L instead of two. Her character applies for a secretarial job, to which Bergen's tells her that she's overqualified for the position — despite her protestations that she has "some experience with emails."
Clinton leaves a business card behind that lists her name as [email protected]
Clinton's cameo was not announced prior to the show's premiere, though a special guest was teased in the lead-up; her scene was even removed from advanced media screeners.
Watch a snippet of the episode below.