Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law Volume One

The concept of the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block is obvious, but I presumed adult meant 18, not 35. Yet you have to know the '70s to really appreciate the genius of Harvey Birdman, a superhero cartoon that populates its absurdist courtroom with Hanna-Barbera creations of yore. Yogi Bear's little buddy Boo Boo is arrested as an anti-globalisation terrorist; Fred "Freddie" Flintstone turns out to be a mob kingpin in a brilliant Sopranos/Godfather parody (complete with his strip club, the Dabba Doo); lesser-known Superfriend Apache Chief sues when he can't "grow large at will" any more after hot coffee is spilled in his lap. Sure, some of the court cases seem cheap and easy — Scooby Doo and Shaggy get busted for possession, Speed Racer for traffic violations — but throw some Johnny Quest and X: The Eliminator in there, and you're in for some real cartoon obscurity. Obviously, it's a riff on the similarly plundering Space Ghost; the courtroom drama, like the talk show, is such a familiar staple of television that half the work is done for you, which makes it fly even if you have no idea who Dynomutt is. Plus: deleted scenes, live action trailers, pencil tests, more. (Cartoon Network/Warner)