Harrison Ford Caused Another Runway Incident with His Plane

Harrison Ford Caused Another Runway Incident with His Plane
Harrison Ford is living proof that just because you love doing something doesn't mean you're necessarily good at it. The actor, who played a famous pilot as one Han Solo in the Star Wars films, is an avid pilot in real life, but he's just caused yet another uproar with his shoddy landing skills.

According to the Associated Press, Ford wrongly crossed a runway in his plane while another plane was landing. Federal authorities are now investigating the incident.

The mishap went down at Hawthorne Airport in Los Angeles. According to a statement from Ford's publicist, he had misheard instructions from an air traffic controller.

"He immediately acknowledged the mistake and apologized to ATC for the error," his publicist Ina Treciokas said. "No one was injured and there was never any danger of a collision."

It's one of many piloting incidents that have happened with Ford over the years. He recently flew low over an airliner with 116 people on board, and he mistakenly landed on a taxiway at a Southern California airport in 2017. In 2015, Ford crashed a Word War II-era plane on a Los Angeles golf course, although federal investigators determined that was an entirely mechanical mishap.

Ford's statement explained that the purpose of his most recent flight was "to maintain currency and proficiency in the aircraft."