Halloween: 25 Years of Terror

How much Halloween do you want? If eight films over 28 years (a ninth is currently in production) — which is essentially eight DVDs each with special features — aren’t enough then 25 Years of Terror will be a welcome addition to your collection. And really, judging by what they include on this two-disc set, the only thing left they haven’t dug up are the screen tests, which I’m sure some horror freak is dying to see. As much as I’m a fan of the series — all eight films are somehow bearable to me — the only thing of value on this DVD is the full-length documentary on the first disc. Giving a complete history of the franchise through video clips and interviews with casts, crews and influential horror figures like Rob Zombie, Clive Barker and Edgar Wright, everything you need to know about Halloween is uncovered. While it may sound like a typical, run of the mill nostalgic look back there is some meat on this bone. For instance, John Carpenter, director of the original, is quick to share his distaste for the sequels that followed and the executive producer of all eight films, the late Moustapha Akkad, doesn’t hold back either, admitting that some films made poor creative choices, especially Halloweens three, five, six and eight. Aside from the doc, an exploration of the filming locations in "Horror’s Hallowed Grounds” provides a little fun, but most places have had complete facelifts, which trivialises the idea. The remainder is an unnecessary cornucopia of extras that tests your level of fandom. Seven panel discussions, various interviews (with lesser cast and crew), a convention montage and gallery, a featurette on die-hard fans and original artwork gallery are all part of the package. The better question for this two-disc set is: how much Halloween do you need? If you need everything that’s offered here then a reality check should be the next thing you purchase. (Anchor Bay)