Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Second Season Uncut

Is it possible to enjoy a series if you loathe the main character with a passion? So is the dilemma and viewing pleasure, of Grey’s Anatomy, and my distaste for Meredith Grey, the medical dramedy’s narrating lead. Its brief introductory season proved that hospitals could be a setting for the sexy, funny and dramatic through some great scripts and strong character development. Season two picks up with the answer to the emotional cliffhanging question who will McDreamy pick: new love Meredith or estranged wife Addison? His decision enlists another full-time character and sets up an emotional rollercoaster ride throughout the season’s entirety, which depending on your tolerance, is either some good, quirky, back-and-forth fun or just plain irritating. Though it’s essentially the main story arc, there is a lot more (read: better) things going on in Seattle Grace. Burke and Cristina now acknowledge their cumbersome but endearing relationship, Lizzie drops Alex for a doomed romance with a patient dying from a broken heart (no, seriously!), George gets screwed (both literally and figuratively) and becomes distant and even more awkward, and the cantankerous Dr. Bailey tackles motherhood, among other things. Big and unusual cases drop in for medical assistance, which keeps things interesting among all of the personal issues — a missing leg, a massive trainwreck, a broken penis, a GSW to a supporting character and the two-part episode causing chest bomb. But the finale introduces a chain of compelling consequences with major events affecting everyone. Without giving anything away, a life is taken that makes one doctor hang up the white coat, another doctor may be forced to retire and the show’s primary romance reaches a fork in the road, again — but on different terms. Other than battling issues with Meredith’s superficial problems and fighting a growing disappointment with the limp-dicked George, Grey’s Anatomy has me hooked for at least one more season. Plus: meaningless "uncut” extensions to four episodes, featurettes, deleted scenes. (Buena Vista)