'Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling' Star Mt. Fiji Dead at 60

She was the inspiration for Machu Picchu on Netflix's 'GLOW'
'Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling' Star Mt. Fiji Dead at 60
Emily Dole, better known as her Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling character Mt. Fiji, has passed away at the age of 60.

Dole was the breakout star of GLOW and was a central figure in Brett Whitcomb's 2012 documentary GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Further, she was the inspiration for the character Machu Picchu in Netflix's GLOW series.

Throughout her wrestling career, Dole remained undefeated. She was one of the highest-profile and most-loved athletes in the wrestling foundation, appearing on Regis and Kathy Lee and Donahue, among others.

Dole's cause of death is not yet known, but she had struggled with various health issues for a number of years. As TMZ reports, her death was confirmed by Patricia Summerland, also known as Sunny the California Girl.

Watch some of Dole's highlights below.