Fugitive Bank Robber Arrested After Appearing in Horror Movie

Fugitive Bank Robber Arrested After Appearing in Horror Movie
Sure, hiding in plain sight is a move that's worked in the past, but if you're a wanted bank robber in a small Washington city, you're likely going to get caught if you appear in the local paper. That's exactly what happened to 44-year-old Jason Stange, who thought it'd be a smart move to hide from the fuzz by acting in a low-budget horror film.

According to the News Tribune [via The Hollywood Reporter], Stange landed a role in the Olympia, Washington indie horror film Marla Mae, where he played a deranged abortion clinic doctor. When local paper the Olympian ran a story on the production, however, cops saw pictures of Stange (including the one above) and swooped in for the arrest.

As it turns out, Stange pleaded guilty to an armed bank robbery in 2006. Then, in 2014, he left his halfway house in Spokane without permission and opted to hide out, well, on the set of the film.

When police discovered Stange in the article, they travelled to Olympia and arrested him at a restaurant near set. Fortunately for the low-budget horror flick, they allowed him to return his costume before heading back to the slammer.

Marla Mae's producer told the Tribune that Stange was talented on set and well-liked by everyone working on the movie. He added that Stange "really nailed the audition." 

Fortunately, Stange had already wrapped his scenes for the film so he'll still appear in the final version when it arrives sometime next year.