Fubar II Michael Dowse

Fubar II Michael Dowse
After slaying a bunch of tall cans with my old buddies and refreshing ourselves on our most-quoted film of the decade, we headed down to the Ryerson Theatre in Toronto, ON to encounter a line-up of equally beer-fuelled, wolf-howling Terry and Deaner fans. This set the tone for the film and general theatre environment.

The original Fubar is a quite convincing mockumentary following Canadian heshers, and life-long friends, Terry and Deaner through their day-to-day existence, Dean being diagnosed with testicular cancer and the changes it creates within their lifestyles as full-time party animals.

Many fans didn't expect, or even consider, a sequel, but low and behold, director Michael Dowse has unleashed Fubar II. In the film, Terry and Dean ― having recovered from cancer, but with minimal renewed life-perspective ― reconnect with old friend Tron, following him up to the oil patch in Fort McMurray, AB to make some sweet cash.

Right off the bat, the debauchery is taken further than before, as we witness Dean tripping balls on acid in a burning house. Fubar II is just as darkly funny as the original, but lacks its sense of innocence, playing a bit like a Trailer Park Boys spin-off. That said, there are some very real themes and scenarios that make you consider life paths and friendships in a way you wouldn't necessarily expect a hoser comedy flick to.

Dropping the mockumentary aesthetic, Fubar II is more animated, stylized and very fast-paced; it's almost like a music video. It definitely caters more to an ADD/YouTube audience, but that doesn't take away from the experience.

Although it lacks the genuine feel of the first, the relatable, and funny, characters and scenarios, a quickly advancing plot and lots of laughs, along with jarring and somewhat insightful moments, make Fubar II fun and re-watchable. (Alliance)