​'Friends' Is Getting Turned into a Musical

​'Friends' Is Getting Turned into a Musical
Hit sitcom and enduring Netflix go-to Friends will be moving from the small screen to the big stage this fall. That's right, the lives of Joey, Monica, Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and Chandler are getting turned into a musical.
Aptly titled Friends! The Musical!, the off-Broadway production is slated to hit the stage at New York's Triad Theatre this fall. It arrives courtesy of creators Bob and Tobly McSmith, who have previously penned parody shows for the stage like 90210! The Musical, Full House! The Musical, Bayside: the Musical! (an homage to Saved By the Bell) and Katdashian: the Musical! (a feline reimagining of the Kardashians).
Riffing on favourite Friends tropes, songs from the upcoming musical include numbers titled "The One Where We Make a Million Dollars an Episode," "The Only Coffee Shop in New York," "Oh. My God. It's Janice!," "We Were on a Break" and "We'll Always Be There for You."
The upcoming musical hasn't received any official endorsement from the original show, though the McSmith's previous productions have featured surprise appearances from original cast members — so, hopefully, an impromptu rendition of "Smelly Cat" from Lisa Kudrow isn't totally implausible.
Tickets for Friends! The Musical! will go on sale in June over here.