'Flash' Actor Logan Williams's Cause of Death Revealed

His mother is now calling for change after the 16-year-old BC actor died of a drug overdose
'Flash' Actor Logan Williams's Cause of Death Revealed
In early April, BC actor Logan Williams died at the young age 16. Now his mother has revealed the Flash actor died of a drug overdose following years of addiction issues.

In an interview with the New York Post, Williams's mother, Marlyse Williams, said preliminary toxicology results found the actor's death on April 2 was due to fentanyl.

She went on to explain that Williams started using marijuana at the age of 13 and then began using harder drugs in his teens. The mother explained that she did everything in her power to help her son — even going as far as remortgaging the family's home to send Logan to a treatment centre in the U.S.

Marlyse Williams followed the interview with an emotional Facebook post, further clarifying the events leading up to her son's tragic death.

"The truth is I did EVERYTHING in my power and I mean EVERYTHING to help Logan. My friends and family are fully aware of the desperate measures I took to help," she wrote.

"The fact is there so much red tape in BC and Canada that it was a full time job fighting the system to get the help needed. Laws need to change!!! For starters our punishment on drug dealers is a simple slap on the wrist. We need long, tough sentences for drug dealers that are actively destroying our youth. We also have an old, archaic postal privacy law in Canada that just allows drugs such as opioids like Fentanyl come in legally!!! Yes, you heard me correctly... "

She continued by criticizing the BC government's reaction to the opioid epidemic in the province, saying she will continue to campaign for change.

"BC has the most overdose deaths per capita in North America and the Opioids are rampid... the government is not acting on this epidemic that is killing our loved ones. Fentanyl is now laced in 82% of all drugs in the lower mainland. BC and the Canadian government need to take action and get tough on these crimes!!! Change has to happen."

She concluded, "I will do everything in my power to create a legacy to help others, change laws and anything I can to create positive change out of Logan's death."

You can read her full post below.

Born in Vancouver in 2003 and growing up in nearby Coquitlam, Logan Williams was best-known for playing young Barry Allen on The Flash. Other acting credits include his debut in 2014 Hallmark TV movie The Color of Rain and recurring roles in When Calls the Heart, Supernatural and The Whispers.