The Final Cut Omar Naim

From high profile actors like Robin Williams to movie veterans such as Tak Fujimoto (director of photography), Omar Naim's writing/directorial debut features a cast and crew that most aspiring filmmakers would only have a chance to dream of. Naim's story follows Alan Hakman (Williams), a man whose job entails editing the cybernetic memories of the recently deceased and portraying them as heroes to their family and friends. Not an easy task since, as the film points out, nobody lives a flawless existence. Cybernetic implants aside, Naim's futuristic society is less technology-based than typical science fiction films. The world of The Final Cut is consequently much easier for us to relate to than if Naim had included flying cars or silver jumpsuits. Yet, your DVD library will be just fine without the inclusion of this release. While the film is good, it doesn't command multiple viewings and neither do the special features. Included on the list of extras are special effects and production design featurettes, both which have been added as filler. The half-hour "making of" documentary is equally bland; though it at least highlights the important role that editors and cinematographers play in creating effective cinema, and offers Robin Williams' (brief) take on the "Big Brother is watching you" themes presented in the film. The director's commentary is at least decent, offering a unique perspective on Naim's first-time directing experiences. Still, director's commentary alone does not make any DVD a necessity. This film may not be a waste of your Sunday afternoon, but it certainly will not blind you with its brilliance. Plus: Lion's Gate trailer gallery, theatrical trailer, storyboard footage. (Lions Gate)