Family Guy presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

90 minutes of Family Guy all in one pop? Sounds like a great idea, but we learn in the commentary with Seth MacFarlane that once this incredible show was brought back from the dead the idea of a Family Guy movie became less of a priority. This film is nothing more than a regular episode, but three times as long, which is fantastic and absolutely hilarious for the most part, but under different circumstances it could have been on par with South Park's venture into motion pictures. Basically pieced together from three separate episode ideas, this DVD tries to tie everything together with some plot about Stewie refusing to believe that Peter is his real father and heading off to San Francisco after spotting his "true dad" through the miracle of Tivo. There are some classic moments such as Elmer Fudd finally murdering Bugs Bunny (voiced by Mel Blanc's son) and a tear-inducing scene with the Thundercats, but these moments really should have been saved for the new season of the series. But hey, being "outrageous" and "uncensored" we do get to hear Peter, Lois and Stewie all say the word "fuck." The DVD is light on extras, with the only offering being an audio commentary with MacFarlane and cast members, where we learn that Mila Kunis hadn't even watched an episode of the show until recently thanks to some coaxing from her boyfriend, who assured her that the show was totally awesome. This movie was supposed to be the last send off for a show whose production was mistakenly halted, so it's quite enjoyable to watch an extra Family Guy nugget that will sit nicely amongst what will hopefully be many more seasons. (Fox)