Everyone's Mad at 'Casualty' Actor Tom Chambers After He Defended the Gender Pay Gap

The actor, who has since apologized, said men's salaries are for their wives and children too
Everyone's Mad at 'Casualty' Actor Tom Chambers After He Defended the Gender Pay Gap
If you've never heard of British television actor Tom Chambers or the long-running hospital drama Casualty, he's gone ahead and made the worst possible first impression by seemingly defending gendered pay inequality in the movie and television industry.

As iNews reports, Chambers managed to piss off most of the United Kingdom when he defended Casualty for paying male actors more than their female co-stars.

The BBC recently revealed details on cast members' salaries, and is often the case, the men on Casualty are making much more than the women. Chambers' co-star Derek Thompson is the highest paid actor on the show.

In comments first reported by The Sun, Chambers said Thompson's pay is a good thing. "My wife works really hard as a stay-at-home mum, but I'm the only one bringing in a salary for our family," he said. "Many men's salaries aren't just for them, it's for their wife and children, too."

Naturally, Chambers' backwards comments have thrown much of Britain into a tizzy, with many people criticizing the actor for his outdated ideas. Labour MP Stella Creasy referenced Chambers' appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, saying, "Guessing dancing in the 1950s musicals has given Tom Chambers that kind of mindset too."

Of course, with everyone mad at him, Chambers distanced himself from the statement. He shared the following statement with iNews:

I am completely mortified by the stories that have run today and didn't mean to offend anyone by my comments which have been taken out of context from a conversation I had at a book launch.

I in no way advocate the gender pay gap and I was explaining that I thought it had stemmed from that past, and shouldn't be how things are now. I truly believe that change needs to happen.