Eurotrip Jeff Schaffer

EurotripJeff Schaffer
When trailers started running for a new instalment in the never-ending parade of teen gross-out comedies few expected anything besides another "number one at the box office" film carried by a completely brain-dead script. However, preconceived notions were destroyed when Eurotrip turned out to be a surprisingly funny film that completely tanked. Sure, this movie might just be an updated version of National Lampoon's European Vacation with 300-percent more boobs and European stereotypes, but there's some clever writing found amongst these teenage antics, and there's a promising young cast that pulls it off. You're not going to find a sophisticated brand of humour in Eurotrip, and it's hard to stomach the idea of someone flying to Berlin to be with an online girlfriend that he always assumed was a man, but this film is good for some cheap laughs, as well as Fred Armisen's creepy Italian pervert bit. The DVD boasts that the extras are outrageous and uncensored, but you'll miss the extended scenes in the blink of an eye, which amount to nothing more than prolonging a sister and brother make out and an extra penis or two at the all-male nude beach. In fact, the DVD seems so concerned with promoting the sauciness of Eurotrip that they actually have an index for all the nude scenes so 14-year-old boys can access German breasts with masturbating ease. The deleted scenes are mildly entertaining, including a French waiter that recounts all the times that Americans have dined and dashed on him, but most of this cutting room floor material is already found at the end of the film, such as a deleted cameo by Joanna Lumley as a dodgy hostel clerk who advises you to hide your belongings in your ass for safekeeping. Along with the standard filmmaker's commentary there's also the "party" version in which the writers and director drink for every curse word and nude scene, leaving the trio drunk and calling for rides home as the credits roll. An entertaining approach, but it might have been more fun had the underage cast drank instead of middle-aged men who ogle the 18-year old girl in the hot tub with Cooper. Plus: the making of the nude beach scene, gag reel, photo gallery and more. (Dreamworks/Universal)