​Edmonton Man Survives 'Naked and Afraid'

​Edmonton Man Survives 'Naked and Afraid'
A man from Edmonton has been crowned the latest survivor on Discovery Channel competition show Naked and Afraid.
The show is currently in its 11th season and follows contestants who are left alone with a partner they've never met before in some of the most challenging natural settings imaginable — and they're naked.
Michael Dietrich of Edmonton was recruited for the show, after producers caught a glimpse of his Instagram profile featuring a photo of him and his dog naked atop a mountain in Alberta.
Despite not actively courting the TV appearance, Dietrich accepted the challenge and proved he was a worthy competitor, surviving in the Colombian jungle for 21 days without food, water or supplies.
His episode aired last night (March 8), and unusually, it featured a third person to add some extra drama.
"Starvation is very, very real, to see what that is like," he told CTV Edmonton after the experience. "But a lot of it was just dealing with myself and the loneliness."
Watch clips from last night's episode below.