Doom Andrzej Bartkowiak

You could call Doom a "latter-day Aliens" without the humanising element of Sigourney Weaver. But it would be more accurate to note its lack of script, competent direction and anything resembling a sentient life form behind the camera. Based on the pioneering first-person videogame shooter, here the Rock is the CO of a group of soldiers sent to learn just what happened on a Martian research base. Karl Urban is the sensitive member of the group and his scientist sister, Rosamund Pike, is on hand for pointless arguments. Of course, all you videogame fans know it's just a matter of time before they start getting eaten by large mutants with freakish appetites. Despite some cheesy pseudo-science and lame macho head slamming, the film completely fails to sell its fictive space as the result of anything other than a bunch of suits looking to justify purchasing the rights. There isn't an interesting line or an attractive shot in the whole thing, all of the characters are obnoxious brutes and it just keeps going and going forever. Worse, it goes longer in the unrated DVD cut, which features more gore and pointless screaming but no new reason to suffer through its boredom. It's one of last year's most staggeringly inept movies; it's like staring through a blue filter for two hours with nothing of interest to amuse you. Extras include "making of" featurettes on basic training, the Rock's final transformation and the monster FX, a longer and somewhat interesting discussion on the Doom phenomenon, tips on how to survive the Doom 3 experience, and a demo of same for your Xbox console. (Universal)