Donald Trump Hangs Fake 'TIME' Magazines in His Golf Clubs

Donald Trump Hangs Fake 'TIME' Magazines in His Golf Clubs
For someone who spends much of their time railing against all that is "FAKE," Donald Trump isn't exactly recognized as a champion of the truth. The latest example in the TV personality-turned-president's history of falsities involves him hanging up fake TIME magazine covers in his golf courses in lieu of the real thing.

As the Washington Post reports, Trump has hung the fake cover (seen above) in at least five of his courses. The headline reads "Donald Trump: the 'Apprentice' is a television smash!" One at the top of the cover reads like one of the man's Twitter posts, exclaiming in all caps that "TRUMP IS HITTING ON ALL FRONTS...EVEN TV!"

The cover is dated March 1, 2009, but the Post reports that there was no such issue of TIME ever published. What's more, there was never an issue in that year that featured Trump on the cover. TIME spokeswoman Kerry Chyka confirmed in an email to the Post that "this is not a real TIME cover."

The publication also notes that the mock-up features some aesthetic details that differ from an authentic TIME cover. The red border appears to be thinner than that of the real magazine, while it's also missing the smaller white border. Trump's TIME mockup also places the headlines to the side, while the real magazine features theirs at the top in place of a boastful, all-caps statement.

We're wondering how many of these Trump signed and gave out to "great friends."