Dodgeball: Unrated Rawson Marshall Thurber

It's no surprise that film companies love to double dip with their DVD releases, especially when it comes to mildly offensive comedies that they can later repackage with "uncensored" or "unrated" on the cover, claiming that this was the film you weren't allowed to see in theatres. These marketing gimmicks seldom deliver a better DVD release and with the case of Dodgeball, it's downright criminal for them to think they are selling you a superior collection of extras than the one that came out less than a year ago. Apart from a couple of instances of more offensive terms replacing PG-13 words, there really doesn't seem to be anything different about this cut, and with the running time being the same as the first release, you would have to do some detailed research to find out what exactly makes this version unrated. The extras are almost identical as well, with a new commentary by Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller and director Thurber being the only notable newcomer. Re-releasing this film a second time around doesn't really make sense, and the actors must have felt the same way, as Stiller shows up late for the gathering and they all leave halfway into the film, leaving the technicians no other choice but to run the commentary track from There's Something About Mary. Is that funny? Maybe, but seeing as that and the gratuitous shots of dodgeball cheerleaders for 14-year-old boys are the only new extras, you might want to think twice about picking up this DVD, even if you liked this movie enough to own the first one already. Plus: deleted and extended scenes, bloopers, short featurettes. (Fox)