​Diane Lane Says 'House of Cards' Doesn't Pass the "Rectal Test"

We're pretty sure she meant the Bechdel test
​Diane Lane Says 'House of Cards' Doesn't Pass the 'Rectal Test'
Diane Lane recently joined the cast of House of Cards for its final, Kevin Spacey-free season, but she got herself in deep doo-doo while talking about the Netflix show in a recent interview.
Speaking to Vanity Fair, Lane reflected on the female characters in the show and her own character's interactions with Robin Wright's Claire Underwood.
"But we don't [pass] the rectal test, right?" she said. "Am I saying it right?"
The interviewer was quick to correct her with, "You mean Bechdel?" — and thankfully it turned out that Lane was, in fact, referring to the test that determines whether a work of fiction features at least two female characters who speak to each other about something other than men.
"Yes, that's it," Lane corrected herself. "When the Bechdel test was first mentioned, I thought, yeah, what's up with that? Why are guys always able to talk about whatever is going on in the story and then the ladies are coming on talking about the guys? I mean, it's just dumb… We are playing history back now, looking at things differently."
Unfortunately, Twitter isn't letting her get away with the word slip quite so easily.
See some of the best reactions to the "rectal test" below.
House of Cards returns for its sixth and final season on November 2.