Dave Grohl Is Apparently Making a Film About His Life

The Foo Fighters/Nirvana hero brought a film crew to his old high school this week
Dave Grohl Is Apparently Making a Film About His Life
Photo: Kamara Morozuk
While Dave Grohl is no stranger to the world of film, the Foo Fighters/Nirvana hero is apparently about to make a big jump with his next cinematic project. According to his mother, Grohl is making a movie about his own life.

Grohl's mom, Virginia Hanlon Grohl, actually made the reveal about the upcoming documentary to the Sydney Morning Herald earlier this fall, but according to some new social media posts, the project seems to be well underway and now shooting.

This week, Grohl suddenly popped up at his old school Annandale High School in Virginia. According to a post from school principal Tim Thomas, the rock hero came fully equipped with a film crew. So far, though, the details of the upcoming film are extremely vague. As Loudwire reports, Virginia Hanlon Grohl told the Sydney Morning Herald that documentary may involve his siblings and would focus on his career "from Scream to Nirvana to Foo Fighters."

"We are doing that," she said. "Coming soon."

At this point, it's very much a "stay tuned" sort of situation, so we will have to do just that.

In other Grohl news, he recently made headlines for allegedly blocking the release of the new Sunny Day Real Estate album, with that dispute getting more than a little ugly online.