Dark Water Hideo Nakata

Like Ringu and Ju-On before it, Dark Water is the most recent vengeful ghost story from Japan to inspire a Hollywood remake. It is the sinister story of Yoshimi, a mother going through a difficult divorce; unfortunately, she starts a new life by moving into a haunted apartment: her bedroom has a dripping, rapidly expanding water stain on the ceiling; there is hair in the tap water; and a child's red shoulder bag keeps popping up. But all Yoshimi wants to do is keep her sanity and maintain custody of her daughter. Those who have seen The Ring 2 might find the ending of Dark Water a little familiar since Hideo Nakata, director of both films, reused the ending for his The Ring 2 remake. Although Dark Water is never as creepy as Ringu, it is more often unsettling and the plot never becomes as confusing. But most impressive with this movie is Rio Kanno's stand-out performance as the innocent six-year-old Ikuko. The only special feature is the original Japanese trailer, but it would be a shame to only know Dark Water as the remake currently in theatres. (ADV/SMA)