Dane Cook's Tourgasm

Despite the fact that it chronicles the adventures of four jock comics, Dane Cook’s Tourgasm is a truly compelling series, offering an intimate look at a monumental comedy tour. Dane Cook has busted his ass to become America’s most prominent stand-up comic and his massive, youth-based following stems from his tactical use of grassroots, word of mouth resources such as myspace.com. Grateful for his success and loyal to his roots, Cook invites three long-time comic friends to join him on a package tour of the U.S., a shot most comedians would kill for. In May, 2005, at the peak of Cook’s popularity, Gary Gulman, Jay Davis and Robert Kelly join their celebrity friend on a fully loaded tour bus and embark on a 30-day/20-show tour across American college arenas. The trip’s a real production and each city brings the ball-busting group a new sightseeing trek or set of physical activities to occupy their downtime. Aside from the shows themselves, these go-kart races, rock-climbing sessions and football games provide much of the drama, as the competitive comedians bond, squabble and suffer illness and injury in an effort to better one another. Though they’re distinctive personalities with specific tics and neuroses, it’s heartening to see the rising stars on equal ground with the headliner. Cook may have his own bedroom suite on the bus but no palpable ego clashes occur because his profile is vastly higher than those of his friends. In fact, while each expresses some resentment for the road, it’s clear that the sharp Gulman, the hapless Davis and the acerbic Kelly are amazed to be touring like rock stars, facing the largest crowds of their careers. And while the tough-guy talk and dick and shit pranks are initially grating, by the emotional end of Tourgasm the entire group comes across like an endearing group of dudes. Plus: Comic Commentaries, "behind the scenes featurettes,” montages, shorts. (Warner)