Damon Wayans: The Last Stand?

This is a horribly unfunny stand-up performance by a true master of sketch comedy. With packaging that doesn’t explain that this concert was actually filmed in 1990, viewers are misled into believing that Damon Wayans might have come up with a new act since leaving In Living Color. Surely his forays into Hollywood film and his new gig on family sitcom My Wife and Kids should provide fodder for edgy material. This is a guy who came up with characters like Handi Man and cradled a pickle jar full of piss and shit on In Living Color. Now he’s playing a dad on a show run by Disney? He has to be going nuts, right? Well, The Last Stand? won’t say, as it’s a document of Wayans on the cusp of TV stardom for his controversial work in the early ’90s. Wayans laughs at his own lame jokes and does bits featuring current and emerging characters from ILC. He is obviously influenced by Richard Pryor but his riffs on relationships are stale and his life isn’t half as interesting as Pryor’s. Wayans’ gifts lie in his abilities as a sketch artist or his characterisations in films such as Bamboozled. This is something that must now occur to him, as news of a new Homey the Clown feature-length film has been announced. Even the questionable premise of such a film is stronger than the prospects of Wayans succeeding with one mic. As The Last Stand? proves, he is not a born stand-up and his clumsy act here is unfortunate. (Fox)