Da Ali G Show: Da Compleet Second Seazon

Sacha Baron Cohen returns to America to harass the country with his alter egos, embarrassing the people he meets by first embarrassing himself, sometimes with unwatchable results. It's not that almost every moment on this DVD isn't funny, because it's often hilarious, but having to watch his stint as Borat tell others about his homeland's bizarre customs in broken English is agonising. Surprisingly, the Americans are often patient with Borat, even though some of the beliefs that spew out of his moustache are straight-up appalling, but how can you hold it against him when he always appears to be having the time of his life and considers you his best friend during the moment you share with him? Ali G tackles the large opportunities and contrasts his hip-hop lifestyle with the likes of Sam Donaldson and Pat Buchanan, who usually get uptight with Ali's incompetence. Still, he tends to loosen them up in the end, and watching political leaders recite rhymes is simply amazing. Then there's the incredibly open and flamboyant Brüno, the Austrian fashion reporter that tries to make sense of the Christian stance on homosexuality or simply exposes the fashion scene for how fake it truly is with very little effort, as designers are basically eating out of his hand. Brüno still doesn't compare to the likes of Ali G or Borat, but you do get to see Cohen dawn another remarkable persona to lend to his value as a comedian. The DVD contains the infamous Harvard speech, in which Ali G was asked to speak to the elite graduating class, and you can tell that even Cohen was breaking a sweat as he has to somehow win over a crowd of parents who just spent thousands of dollars on their children's education. The rest of the extras simply consist of additional segments, including an interview with Noam Chomsky from a less-versed Ali G, and football lessons with Borat, making this second venture to America just as comical and uncomfortable as the first. (HBO/Warner)