Corner Gas: Season 2

The genius of Corner Gas continues to be its lovable ensemble cast, who connect wonderfully in every episode. The show is not a brilliant, groundbreaking sitcom but the writing is quick and funny and the characters' jibes are more endearing than caustic. As Janet Wright (Emma) suggests to Nancy Robertson (Wanda) in a behind the scenes Season 3 preview, the show's success is the result of great chemistry and she's right; the casting is amazing. Though ostensibly a vehicle for Canadian stand-up Brent Butt, the show really is a cleverly composed, family dynamic comedy featuring elderly parents and close friends. It's an edgeless Seinfeld with a bent towards surreal, implausible plotlines that somehow uncannily capture the essence of being in small-town Saskatchewan. This second season finds the performers more comfortable with their characters and, as a trio of E-talk Daily clips suggest, having even more fun with each other on the set. It's amusing to see this group of people working together and welcoming guests like Darryl Sittler, Lloyd Robertson and the Tragically Hip to their strange world. The second season of Corner Gas furthers its reputation as one of the best shows on TV and is a great example of what Canadian comedy is capable of. Plus: Outtakes, commentaries, "Thunderface" music video. (CTV/VSC)