Control Alt Delete Cameron Labine

Control Alt Delete Cameron Labine
From the moment that "Sock” from television’s Reaper and Amanda from Ready or Not are seen fully nude in the "69er” position, it is clear that Control Alt Delete is out to shock the audience rather than titillate with any allusion or subtlety.

The film seems to be an investigation of sexual perversion and deviance in relation to perceived normalcy and how the desire to be socially accepted can cause repression and self-denial. However, it lacks the sort of cohesion necessary to communicate this point effectively.

Finding a more satisfying sexual life masturbating to internet porn than fornicating with his archetypal girlfriend Sarah (Laura Bertram), Lewis Henderson (Tyler Labine) finds himself single and sparking up an explicitly sexual relationship with his CPU. It involves a drill, lubrication and bubble wrap.

Meanwhile, as Y2K rapidly approaches, Lewis is promoted at work by his type-A boss Angela (Alisen Down) to lead up a team of code monkeys to ensure that the entire computer network doesn’t fail on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, Lewis is far more interested in copulating with fancy computers in the office than he is in completing this project and starts dating crippled secretary Jane (Sonja Bennett) to mask these perversions.

While Tyler Lebine delivers a fairly complex and brave performance — spending a third of the movie nude — and Sonja Bennett is affable and magnetic from the moment she steps on screen, they are unable to save an often disjointed narrative that seems preoccupied with penis jokes and toilet cams on the internet. Recognizable computer sound effects during coitus are amusing but most other humour is forced and awkward.

Even though Control Alt Delete is a fairly flawed and unconvincing film, it also needs to be seen to be believed. Viewers under the influence will probably find more amusement in the film than their sober counterparts, who will surely be glancing at each other and asking the question: "did he really just fuck his computer?” (Hard Drive)